The Council of 8

Session 2
The Dwarven Camp

Looking For Adventure

After many festivities the night before the group made their way to Tabari the local blacksmith and member of the Saltmarsh council to follow up on a possible job he had eluded to last visit when he complained that a dwarf had refused to pay him for a fine axe he had spent weeks making.

After speaking at length with Tabari the group learned that it was not just one dwarf they would be dealing with, but an entire encampment! After coming up with a daring plan the group set out determined recover the Axe from the untrustworthy pilfering Dwarf.

The journey to the camp was relatively calm to begin with, however they eventually spotted some ruins in the distance, not to be swayed they continued stopping only to mark the location on their map.

As the day began to come to an end they came upon a ruined farm and an emaciated mule, approaching cautiously the Druid, and the Paladin examined the poor beast. Parsley Birch used his magic to calm and befriend the scared creature while Harker Darkmanblessed it praying for the creature and healing the mule of its debilitating malady. In the meantime the rest of the party took the opportunity to search the nearby farm. Finding the farm empty they continued with the last party of their journey leading the spirited beast along for its own safety and giving it the name of Muffin.

Arriving at the outskirts of the camp the party began to enact their plan by splitting into two groups, the first group Sullivan, Slip and Jon took the guise of a travelling bard and his patrons while the second group Harker, Olivia, Parsley and Tanis lay in wait ready to dive into combat at the first sign of danger.

Arriving at the Dwarves camp Sullivan convinced the Dwarves to allow him to put on a show while Jon The Strong divvied out the ale the group had brought with them from Saltmarsh. It didn’t take much for festivities to ensue, drinking and merriment led to the cries of Brewfest! Meanwhile Slip Digby the cunning Thief began his search for the Axe hoping to quickly find it before anything went awry.

Not long after the drinking had began the commanding form of the Dwarven leader Gildar arrived to greet the performers several bodyguard in tow. Calling over the Bard and fighter, he gave them chance to introduce themselves, this they did with such confidence and honesty the Dwarf sat down to enjoy the show, and with that the bards performance began.

Slip Digby wasn’t having much look searching the tents all he’d managed to find thus far were a pair of annoyingly helpful Dwarves who believed they were helping him find his mule. Eventually however he managed to sneak away from the pair and find two high quality regal looking gilded tents, indicative of nobility. After a bit of knife work, he managed to sneak into the first with no trouble, however as is such with any plan things were about to take a turn for the worst.

Gravity can be quite a problem for some people, however for one unlucky dwarf the mixture of gravity and a short sword to the throat proved to be his undoing, while attempting to sneak into the second of the tents Slip unfortunately alerted one of the two guards stationed outside. Just as the Thief began to inform the Dwarf of this grave missunderstanding the dwarf slipped, landing throat first onto Slip’s blade!

Distraught Slip immediately looked for a place to bury the body, dragging it into the overgrowth unfortunately he was spotted by the second guard. Deciding that the Dwarf needed to be left to grieve the loss of his friend, he ran to the second group and informed them that he had discovered the location of the axe…and mentioned something about a dwarf falling onto his sword but that wasn’t important at all.

Meanwhile news of the incident had reached the ears of Gildar he and his bodyguard immediately set out to investigate the report of fighting at his tent. With both groups racing to get there first, it was Harker Darkmanwho arrive at the tent first but much to his dismay, upon entering he found himself Polymorphed into the form of a squirrel. The exquisitely made and decorated axe was not hard to spot however so the remaining members of the group set about grabbing both the axe and the polymorphed Paladin.

fleeing the tent they were met with a hail of crossbow fire, the group were lucky however as the ale had taken it’s toll on even these battle hardened Dwarves. Had the dwarves been sober they would likely have been leaving behind the bodies of friends as opposed to those of the enemy.
A skirmish broke out though it didn’t last long with the dwarves front-line being outnumbered and subsequently defeated in short order, giving the adventurers ample time to make their escape.

The journey home was relatively peaceful although the group met a giant owl, nothing came of it. Arriving back they find a very pleased Tabari who arranged to meet the party at the Screaming Phoenix Inn later that night with their reward. The group was exhausted but managed to stay awake long enough to meet Tabari who did not arrive alone.

The Blacksmith entered the inn followed by Baroness Gematurg, they spoke briefly of the Haunted House located on the windswept barren hill overlooking the town and how through strange noises and reports of ghostly happenings it has plagued the town for years and with a handshake and a nod of approval finally the adventurers received the blessing of the Baroness that they may deal with this blight on behalf, and with the blessing of the Town Council.

Rewarded for their adventures, tired for their troubles they ended the day with a well earned rest.

Starting Out
Everything starts with a beginning

The Story Begins

The players are read a story of a legendary hero slaying a Dragon, just another tale in a smoky dim lit Tavern the characters have heard tell time and time again.

With the Sage Themets story of heroes ringing in your you ears you and your friends plot to one day leave this town for adventure of your own !

You and your friends all live in Burnfield a small provincial town along the fast flowing sunlit Sheldomar River. The beautiful river provides food and commerce to Burnfield and acts as a major artery for commerce in the Kingdom of Keoland.

Stories of Heroes, heroines and magical beasts have captured all your imaginations for years, and after a short period of time soaking up the simple life working and studying at home. You all decided to look for life and adventure elsewhere. Tales of plunder, Golden Dragons, Fantastic Jewels and beautiful maidens filled the local smoke filled Tavern each night and over years of telling and re telling have now proven to much for your youthful sense of adventure to ignore.

So with your leather bags packed and basic adventuring equipment and weapons purchased you set off looking for fame and fortune in bustling Port/City of Gradsul.

After spending a fruitless month trying to find work you finally come to realise, no one knows of you or will trust you enough to hire you for any paid enterprise.

So with a sad heart you agree to take on any money paying work that is offered. So when a stuck up Nobleman and his pushy wife overhear your conversation in the street one night they offer you a contract to escort them from Gradsul through the Dreadwood and Hool Marshes to Westkeep for a measly 50GP. Poor and hungry you decide to take it. How very different from the heroic tales of fortune played out by the minstrels back home.

The journey starts the very next day with the Noblemans noisy wife demanding their belongings be loaded with care and any breakages will be deducted from the reward. Then using a basic map of the area the 20 day journey started.

10 days into the job everyone starts to feel fed up, the constant orders, basic food provision, bad weather and sore feet create a sense of utter depression. When suddenly the small fishing Village of Saltmarsh comes into view, What a sight for sore eyes. Just as you are starting to feel your spirits lift, the Nobleman’s wife demands you travel through the little town and not stop. This is one order to far, you refuse to take them any further and argue with the couple about spending at least one night at the local Tavern. The Nobleman refuses to agree and with some very harsh words they both decide to seek a boat to Monmurj further down the coast from where they will hire “Real Guards” “Not Amateurs” to take them the rest of the way, and with a wave of their hand They throw 10gp at the party for their troubles and storm off towards the docks.

So it is with a sense of relief you enter the “Screaming Phoenix Bar” to sit down relax and plan you next move!

After buying some drinks from the rather sullen looking barman Uavi the party are told that times are hard in Saltmarsh due to the threats from the Old Dead Alchemists House on the Hill. He refuses to say anymore and points the party in the direction of the Church and Smithy.

Some members of the party follow Jerimiah Hopwood the sanctified Paladin of Pelor to the Church were they are met with a certain amount of suspicion. After a brief chat with Yvette and a good donation to the church fund the group leave to investigate the town and its apparent sense of dread.

While the town went about its daily business the party visited the Blacksmith Tabari he also mentioned the mood of the people but also mentioned his mood was low as he had as yet not received payment for an Axe of exceptional quality he had made for a “no good loud mouth Dwarf”. Who had not paid him squat since he had the Axe delivered three days ago. Is this a way the party can ingratiate itself with the local council and maybe raise their profile somewhat?

Following some local discussion with common folk the party retired to the alternative bar in town called the Common Scout Inn ran by Daralisa lady of basic looks but exceptional manners. Without further a do Sullivan Charr offered his services free of charge to “Lighten the Mood”! While Sullivan recited poetry and played his Pan pipes the group meet the local Alchemist Dania whose rather angry manner did not provide much detailed information but she did commented at length on the current sense of fear surrounding the town and the fears of people pointing to the old Alchemists house on the hill.

At this point the party huddled round their table began the debate on what to do next.


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